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  • XLR8 Speed Resistors
  • XLR8 Speed Resistors

XLR8 Speed Resistors

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  • As you sprint the Power Speed Chute expands with air creating a drag effect. This loads your sprinting to improve acceleration, speed endurance and high-speed direction change.
  • The faster you run the greater the load.
  • Because the Chute floats you can train direction change at top speed under a load, which is unique to this great training device.
  • The Chute can be used for varying distances of 10-200m, weighs only a few grams, can be easily carried to training, and takes very little room to store.
  • Use the small Chute for a light load and the large Chute for a much greater drag. The small Chute is recommended for younger sportspeople.

POWER SPEED SLED - Pure Power With Tow Sprinting!

  • This is the premier straight speed development device on the market today. Simply add weight to the sled and experience top speed resisted sprinting for unmatched power gains. This Power Speed Sled resists your sprinting by forcing you to tow a weight on the Sled.
  • Simply place a weight on the sled and sprint; the sled is designed to slide smoothly and with precision behind you. Increase the weight you are towing as you get stronger and fitter and enjoy the ultimate gains in power and speed.
  • For an individual training the Sled has the following advantages over Power Speed Resistor which requires a partner to resist your running: 
  • You can train on your own
  • You can run at maximal a speed which has a stronger transfer to speed development.
  • You can attain much longer loaded sprint distances of up to 100m. 
  • You can accurately overload as you get stronger by increasing the amount of weight on the Sled. This means you do not reach "plateaus" in your training.

PRO POWER SPEED RESISTER - Comfort and high powered training for the seriously strong.

  • Designed to meet the size and power needs of the larger or professional sportsperson.
  • Quality heavy duty power training that will stand up to the most demanding training.
  • Comfortable fit and extra chest straps to ensure even torso load and snug fit for large athletes under heavy loading.
  • Developed and field tested by elite coaches to meet the needs of serious sport.

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